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Real estate is today an indispensable part of your investment portfolio. While stock market prices may fall, currencies  devalue and even banks can face bankruptcy, the real estate investment remains stable in value with attractive interest rates, even in difficult investment times. 


According to our experience, high returns can best be achieved with large project, which are professionally managed as commercial real estate, hotels, commercial properties and larger residential buildings. However, also large property projects can cause unpleasant surprises ranging from wrong selection of the projects to unexpected regulation by the authorities.


As a trusted investment partner with over 20 years of experience, we want to help you avoid these surprises. We have made it our mission to analyze and evaluate especially for large projects. 

Rudi Schwarz

General Manager of the RSI Group


Phone: +49 89 41417395-0
E-mail: info@rsi-capital-investment.com

Alberto Princip

RSI Real Estate LLC Dubai
General Manager


Phone: +49 89 41417395-0
E-mail: info@rsi-capital-investment.com


Damir Pokupec

Attorney at Law - International Law


Tel: +49 89 41417395-0
Email: info@rsi-capital-investment.com



Sukhair Ali Alqubaisi 

Head of Middle East


Tel: +49 89 41417395-0
Email: info@rsi-capital-investment.com


Jazza Al-Jarad

Head of Business Development Middle East


Tel: +971 52 896 0399

Email: info@rsi-capital-investment.com

Gerhard Sattler

Head of Business Development Latin America

Marko Benvin 

Head of Business Development Southern Europe 

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